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The Darkening by Chris Sarantopoulos

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The Book:

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Book Title: The Darkening

Book Author: Chris Sarantopoulos

Genre: Adult Horror/ Science Fiction

Publishing Date: October 28th, 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Synopsis: Don’t fear the dark. Fear the light. 

The end came when light changed. It decimated humanity, leaving scattered bands of survivors stumbling in the dark.

Faced with saving himself or his family during the apocalypse, John Piscus made the wrong choice, and has been living with the guilt ever since.

When a glowing girl shows up at John’s shelter begging for help, his instincts tell him to kill her. After all, light kills. 

But when masked troopers tasked with capturing survivors come after them, it’s up to John to protect himself and the girl. Not only may she hold the key to reversing the lethal effects of light, she could also be the one who can save his soul.

If you love dark settings and characters faced with tough choices that result in horrific and sinister outcomes, don’t miss this post-apocalyptic horror read.

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The Review:

The Darkening is an adrenaline rush! It’s an edge of your seat thrill ride with harrowing twists and turns! If you are looking for a story that will give you chills and keep you guessing until the end, look no further!

This one was just what I needed to satisfy my horror craving. It was creepy and gory and oh so heart pounding! I really could not put this one down!

I loved how intense it was. There was never a dull moment. It was dark and gritty and pleasantly terrifying.

I really loved how the author took something that we’ve been taught since childhood to never fear and turned it in to something frightening. The light. And, the secret behind why the light killed was genius, and utterly horrifying.

Then there was John. His character twist was done so well and really made the story. It was a touch predictable, but so intriguing nonetheless. I loved how he fit in to everything and how his guilt over his family manifested itself in such an interesting, psychological way. It added another layer to the story.

But, it wasn’t just another horror story. It was a psychological thriller. It was a story about survival, humanity, and facing tough choices that affect all those around you. It was very intricately woven and it gripped me from beginning to end as the layers unfolded. It had bits and pieces that reminded me of amazing video games such as Fallout and The Evil Within, as well as reminding me of the Resident Evil movie (all of which I LOVE). I’d rate it 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend it to horror fans!

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Thank you to the author for providing me with this free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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10 thoughts on “The Darkening by Chris Sarantopoulos

  1. I’m not a big horror reader so I really appreciate your last paragraph where you say it’s so much more than just horror. It sounds like a great read so I’ll have to keep it in mind because I do love psychological thrillers.

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