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Freed Spirits by Pamela Stewart (The Ionia Chronicles #3)

Possible spoilers ahead! 


The Book:

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Book Title: Freed Spirits

Book Author: Pamela Stewart

Genre: YA Sci-FI

Publishing Date: October 15th, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: November 7th, 2018

Synopsis:  All power comes at a price.After surviving terrorist and killer cyborgs, Ionia Sonberg is finally living her dream life in CONUS with her android boyfriend and her newfound superpowers (compliments of her crazy aunt’s nanobots). 

But all power comes with a price. 

She’s not a droid, but she’s not quite human either. Finding her place in this new world is a test that Ionia hasn’t studied for and is failing. Hard. 

After a desperate call for help from her friends back in Mac Town, Antarctica, Ionia returns home. With her best friend Miranda near death and the volcano that powers the city on the edge of eruption, Ionia must unlock her new abilities to save her friends or die trying.

In this heart-stopping conclusion to the Ionia Chronicles that started with Frozen Hearts and Vagabond Souls, friends will be lost, courage will be found, and heroes will rise.

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The Review:

Freed Spirits was described as the “heart-stopping conclusion to the Ionia Chronicles,” and I would definitely have to agree. It was intense, thrilling, and heart pounding! I could not put it down!

I felt like book 2 had gotten a little better than book one and had really drawn me in to the story, but this one took the cake! It was the best of the three and I can’t believe the story is over! I loved every minute of it!

Ionia was so badass in this one! Den felt so human, and I absolutely loved getting more Miranda and Simon!! Each character grew and changed and I was so invested in every one of them, including the new face, Jeremy!

This one definitely made the trilogy worth reading (not that it wasn’t worth it before, because it definitely was). It was exciting and full of passion and action! It also carried the struggle of prejudice through from the first two books. It was beautiful and thought provoking.

This trilogy has been such a fun ride! It was full of intrigue, passion, danger, and exhilaration! I enjoyed watching Ionia change and grow and find herself. I loved watching Den learn and figure out what he truly wanted, and become more human and less android. I found the action heart-stopping and the science fiction bits really fun and interesting! I only wish it didn’t have to end!

Fall Mermaid Rating 5

Thank you to the author for providing me with this free copy in exchange  for my honest review!Fall Divider

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