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The Wednesday Review: Everything I Do by M.C. Frank (Blog Tour)


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The Book:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Book Title: Everything I Do

Book Author: M.C. Frank

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: April 17th, 2019

Publisher: Self Published

Synopsis: Robin Hood is about to steal your heart.

A robber and a princess.
A girl disguised as a boy.
A medieval reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood packed with adventure, sacrifice and romance.

Robin Hood, hidden deep in the Sherwood Forest, is fighting to restore the crown to its rightful king, surrounded by faithful friends, green leaves and clear skies. Burdened with secrets, betrayal and an incredible responsibility, he struggles to stay alive and keep the starving people fed. One day, a boy saves him from the Sheriff’s poisoned arrows. Robin, impressed by the slender youth’s courage and skill, takes the boy with him to the forest. 

Only, the boy is not a boy.

In the castle of Nottingham, a maid who used to be a princess is forced to obey the wishes of a tyrannical Sheriff. She dons on male clothes and trains to become a fierce assassin, vowing to catch the greatest criminal in the kingdom. But when she saves Robin Hood’s life nearly losing her own, she is rescued by the outlaws.
When Robin and the “boy” meet, two worlds collide, resulting in unimaginable danger and intense romance. Who will survive when they learn each other’s secrets? What happens when the assassin falls in love with her victim?

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Book Aesthetic:

EID aesthetic by M.C. Frank 2

Made by M.C. Frank

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The Review:

Everything I Do was captivating and emotional. It was vivid and detailed, and highly entertaining. For fans of Robin Hood, dynamic characters, comic relief, and poignant story lines, you will adore this one!

When I found out that M.C was writing a retelling of Robin Hood I was ecstatic! Everything I Do was filled with Robin Hoody (yep, I’m making it a word) goodness. But, though it had a strong air of the Prince of Thieves, it flowed with its own originality and uniqueness.

I know I say this with every book of hers I read, but this one was by far the best! It captured my attention from page one. It pulled on my heartstrings and wound itself around my mind with spiraling beauty. I was overcome with the emotion and multi-faceted elements that were packed in to this story.

But, it wasn’t just the story line that made me love this book. It was the beautiful, flawed, unique characters that pulled me in and really kept me going. Each one had a story to tell, and each one added a layer of depth and intrigue unlike any other.

This book was just so good! I couldn’t put it down. It was enchanting, heartbreaking, and comedic all at the same time! There are few things that have been able to make me laugh and cry in the same sitting, and this beauty was one of them! It was so incredibly memorable too. I have still found myself thinking about the story and the characters almost a month after having read it. I’d highly recommend it, and I’m DYING for the next book!

5 Rating

I had the pleasure of beta reading this and providing my honest feedback.

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The boy who wasn’t a boy woke up slowly, feeling disoriented.He was lying down on what appeared to be a torture device, made of needles and sharp knives, the sun was in his eyes, his whole body on fire.

“Oh, you’re awake, then!” a voice cried happily next to the boy’s-who wasn’t a boy-head.

“I’ll murder you,” the boy-not-boy tried to say, with a tongue thick as molasses.

“Easy now,” the happy voice chirped infuriatingly. A cool hand cupped the boy-not-boy’s neck, sending a hellish shower of pain. “You’ve been ill, boy.”

Well, you don’t say, the boy-not-boy wanted to say, but couldn’t.

He felt his eyelids drooping, and sleep begin to pull him under. Maybe it would be better to sleep some more. Before his skin exploded into a million ashes from pain. Before he did something stupid, like murder the owner of the happy voice.

Or say something even more stupid.

Something like…

I’m not a boy. 

When next the boy who was a girl woke up, there were stars blinking above her head. Her body felt heavy, her mind lethargic, her limbs numb, but not painful.

There were more stars above her head than was possible. Maybe she’d finally died and gone to heaven. Maybe she’d suffered enough. They’d told her she’d be hit, probably by an arrow, but she not that she’d descend into hell.

But this wasn’t hell.

A soft breeze cooled her sweating brow, and her aching head was lying on the softest pillow of grass. That was much better than the needles she lay on before. Or had she? Maybe that had been a dream. Up above, a sliver of the moon was filtered through a cloud of leaves, framing the night sky. Such nights existed only in dreams, it was true, yet the smells of fresh grass, the mild dew on her skin, it all felt real.

Or maybe she was dead, for there was no rational explanation for this paradise she found herself in. One part of her screamed, no, this wasn’t supposed to end in death. At least not my death. But another part of her… Felt relieved. It was finally over. The pain, the dread, the injustice. Over.

At last, peace. She closed her eyes again.

© 2019 M.C. Frank, Everything I Do excerpt

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About the Author:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)

M.C. Frank is a writer, reader and survivor. She likes to put her characters in icy-cold dystopian worlds where kissing is forbidden (among other things), or in green forests ruled by evil Sheriffs. If they’re in Jane Austen’s England, they have to be running away from a traumatic childhood, or if they are in our contemporary world, they’re scared they’ll die before they have finished high school. She’s evil like that. But don’t worry, she knows we all need a little hope and joy in our lives, so in everything she writes there is a strong theme of love, passion and redemption.

Her New Adult novel Lose Me, about a British movie star and a stunt girl shooting a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in Corfu, was an overall amazon bestseller the week of its release. Her debut series, a dystopian sci-fi saga, No Ordinary Star, has been beloved by many readers, and also climbed the charts when each book was released.

She is proudly Greek, and her Greek mythology retelling about mermen princes and nerdy girls, Salt for Air, came out last year to critical acclaim.

She has a degree in physics and currently lives with her ‘dude’ in a home filled with candles, laptops and notebooks. Her hobbies include rearranging her overflowing bookshelves, fangirling over K-drama and swimming. She hopes to become a mermaid someday—fingers crossed.

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All images were provided by the author.

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Tour Participants:


Photo taken from M.C. Frank’s Instagram Stories. Usernames can be found on Instagram.

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