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The Wednesday Review: Triggered (Control Freakz #3)

The Book:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Book Title: Triggered

Book Author: Michael Evans

Genre: YA Sci-Fi/ Dystopian

Publishing Date: September 15th, 2018

Publisher: Boundless Press

Synopsis: Memories will break you.

Natalie thought that she would be able to fix her past, but some things are forever broken. After being rescued from the rubble, Natalie is welcomed into a new world of horrors, where she is reunited with a humanoid version of Hunter and barred by Danielle from seeing her mom. With her newfound memories, there are only more questions and pain, and Natalie is finally ready to move on to a future where she can truly be happy.

But President Ash has a plan of his own, specifically one for not only ending the civil war in America but reducing everything to dust. A new program called Maga X has been in testing for years, resulting in the deaths of thousands. When President Ash decides to release this new program upon the population of America, he won’t just be mind controlling them, he will be vaporizing them from the face of the earth. However, Natalie, Hunter, and her mom have a plan, one that involves ending the life of one man to save the lives of millions. And this time it’s not just about saving themselves, it’s about saving everything before it all turns to nothing.

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Content Warning: Language, thoughts of suicide, talk of abuse

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The Review:

“I am not my past!”

As the middle book in the series, this one was probably the most emotional. Triggered was deep and thought provoking. It was full of despair and self reflection.

Natalie had lost everything that she loved in a hopeless world. But, she managed to find one ray of hope, Hunter. Her spirit was broken and everything that she knew about the world, and her enemies, was slowly closing in on her and changing shape. All she had, besides Hunter, were her memories to drive her.

This book wasn’t just another sci-fi/ dystopian drama. It was a story of finding determination and self worth through the hopelessness. It was about finding the fight again when all has been lost. It was about conspiracies, half truths, and lies. It was full of suspense, and harrowing twists and turns that were completely unpredictable!

I loved that I could continue to see Natalie change and grow. I loved her self reflection, and her realization of the importance of humanity. I loved learning more about the fall of the country and Natalie’s family, and I was utterly heartbroken at the cliffhanger ending.

There were still times where I felt like Natalie’s voice was over descriptive or repetitive, but, overall, the author’s writing has improved each book, and the suspense has grown with each installment. The story of Control Freakz so far has been terrifying, because it hasn’t just been about mind control, nanobots, a tyrannical president, or a hopeless dystopian world. It’s felt like a reflection, and possible prediction, of what could happen to us as a people if we lost our humanity and gave in to hate, prejudice, and the search for utopia. 3.5 stars!

“She was an artist, who decided in a moment of hysteria to destroy her life’s greatest masterpiece, but left beneath it was a scarred canvas forever ridden with the hell she had been through.”

4 Rating

Thank you to the author for providing me with this free e-copy in exchange for my honest review.

All quotes used are from the book, written by the author.

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