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The Wednesday Review: Under Stone by Helen Jones (The Ambeth Chronicles #4)

The Book:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Book Title: Under Stone

Book Author: Helen Jones

Genre: YA Sci-Fi/ Dystopian

Publishing Date: December 31st, 2017

Publisher: Pendry Publishing

Synopsis: ‘Help will come to you, Alma, you will not be alone.’

Accepting her new powers hasn’t been easy for Alma. Nor has finding out the truth about her father. And she’s still not sure about the prophecy, or about going back to Ambeth. But the Dark are gathering, Denoris on her trail. Deryck hasn’t forgotten about her either…

Events past and present converge on a small Welsh town as Alma, and the Dark, choose their path. Who will reach the Cup first?

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The Review:

What I have loved most about this series is the fact that with each book the characters and story develop and change. Each book has offered some sort of emotional story-line, but not always with the same characters, and each book has delved further in to the histories and minds of all the characters surrounding Alma and the prophecy.

This book focused more on Lord Denoris, his lover Gwenene, his son Deryck and daughter Ellery, and the history of the missing cup of Ambeth. It was so intriguing to delve in to the mind of our dark lord, and to learn about the other side of the history of Ambeth. I loved that this book pieced together more of the mystery of the world and added another layer of depth to the entire story.

I thought as the story went on that I would miss Alma, but I honestly didn’t. I loved the past books focusing on her development as a character, and learning about her powers, but I also just really loved that this book changed perspectives and gave me new insight to the entire story and world. I loved that I got to see more emotion come from those that I thought were just purely dark in relation to the light characters, and I loved getting Llewellyn’s story and finding out what really happened.

During the times that we got a glimpse at what Alma and Merewyn were up to, I felt like such an omniscient reader. I understood more about what they were after, and loved that I knew what to expect. It was like watching a movie and getting all points of view, waiting for the unknowing character to come to a realization. I also enjoyed all the plot twists and unpredictability that I found in the book, despite being in on all the extra secrets from the new perspectives.

Under Stone definitely reminded me why I have enjoyed this series so far. I loved all the new tidbits we learned about each of the characters, and the world history. And, that ending really got me excited for the next book! 4.5 stars!

5 Rating

Thank you to the author for providing me with this free e-copy in exchange for my honest review.

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