Important Things: Weight Loss/ Fitness Journey


The most important thing about starting, or continuing, your fitness journey is your why, your motivation, your reason for wanting to lose weight, become healthy, or become more fit and active. My why is my Type 1 Diabetes and the fact that I was not happy or comfortable in my own skin. My motivation to start was losing someone in the Book Blogging community to a blood clot and coming to the realization that it could have been me because I was sitting at my desk most of the day, and I’m already at higher risk for pretty much everything being diabetic.


The second most important thing is wearing the proper attire. You need #support, and you need comfort! I cannot do any of my workouts without my SheFit Sports Bras! And, I do most of my workouts in my Beautiful Disaster Clothing Tanks Tops because they are comfortable and empowering. I have also been wearing Under Armour compression shorts and capris for all my High Intensity workouts. Proper shoes are also SUPER important! I wear Adidas Questar for all my workouts, and not only do I feel badass when I am all dressed for a workout, but I feel confident knowing that I can do my punching, kicking, high knees, jumping jacks, squats, etc, and be completely supported and comfortable.


The third most important thing about Working Out/Fitness/Weight Loss, is attitude! Attitude is everything! Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t. Always tell yourself you can, but also learn to forgive yourself if you find out that you can’t. Yes, that sounds contradictory, but you will never know what your mind and body are capable of until you do it, but I can guarantee that you will set yourself up to fail if you go in to anything with a bad attitude. You are most likely to succeed and see how far you can push yourself when you say, “Yes I can!”


Finally, the fourth most important thing is to do it for YOU! Don’t do this to meet anyone else’s standards or expectations. Do it to exceed your own expectations! Do it because YOU WANT TO, and not because society seems to think we all need to be a size 2. Do it to make YOU happy! ❤


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