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Books That Have Stuck With Me

Hello Lovelies!

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted any book related content, so I decided to make a post talking about all the books that have really stuck with me. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of an urge to read the past year, and I’m hoping that will change over the next few months because I have way too many books sitting on my shelf needing some love. So, until my reading mojo returns I will try to make posts here and there that are book related, and I will try to participate in the Calendar Girls posts too.

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So, in no particular order, here are all the books that have stuck with me in some way since I have read them:

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Tell me which of these you have read, and if any of them have stuck with you!

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29 thoughts on “Books That Have Stuck With Me

    1. The Poet X is probably one of the tops ones that’s stuck with me. I’m going to listen to the audiobook soon because I know its going to be amazing being narrated by her! And, I can see that about TNC, but hey, as long as it wasn’t a bad read, that’s good that it stuck with you!


  1. The Night Circus, Six of Crows, The Punch Escrow audiobook was fantastic, and I thought The Host was an absolute rip-off of Animorphs but I still continue to think about it.

    Other books that have stuck with me include Colorworld by Rachel E Kelly, Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan, The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis, The Queen’s Bastard by C.E. Murphy….I’m sure I could come up with so many other possibilities but I’ll just go ahead and stop now. Perhaps I’ll write up a post like this on my own blog at some point.

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    1. I love The Host movie, and it made me really love the book! I’ve never heard of animorphs, but maybe it was her nod to it? I need to listen to The Punch Escrow audiobook, I remember the sample having an amazing narrator! Lol.

      I would love to see you write a post on this too! Maybe we should make it in to a tag to try to spread througout the blogosphere! The Merciful Crow and Wicked Saints are on my tbr!

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      1. I still haven’t seen The Host movie even though I’ve owned it for a few years. I was obsessed with Animorphs when I was a kid. I read them from like 3rd grade to 8th grade, or something like that. I still own the whole series (63 books).

        And the narrator for The Punch Escrow is Matthew Mercer, who is a very popular voice actor, as well as being the Dungeon Master for the D&D show Critical Role. He is so good at so many voices, and is a wonderful person–I’ve met him twice.

        Ooh, yes, let’s turn it into a tag. I am now considering myself tagged and will work on writing up a post.

        The sequel to Wicked Saints is out in April and the sequel to Merciful Crow is out in July, so now-ish is a pretty good time to get started with them. Actually I’ve already read Ruthless Gods and it has only fueled my obsession for Wicked Saints and author Emily A Duncan.

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      2. You will have to watch it some time and let me know what you think. I will have to look up animorphs and compare so we can chat. Would make a great discussion!

        That is so cool! So he is really good at voices and entertainment, lol.

        Yep, Tag, you’re it! Lol.

        So, maybe the series’ will be done by time I get the urge to read anything again, haha!

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      3. Apparently they are getting ready to bring Animorphs back as a graphic novel series, so I’m a little bit intrigued by that. I will tell you right now that it is a pretty outdated series, because it’s like 20 years old, so the main characters are using Walkmans and none of them have cell phones or anything. I think if I read them now I might not like them as much, but the series was one of my first major book obsessions, so I’ll forever have that nostalgic love for the whole series.

        Oh yeah, he’s VERY good at the voice and entertainment factor. He’s the reason I picked up The Punch Escrow on audiobook, because I read way faster than an audiobook–I can’t listen to them on anything but normal 1x speed.

        Oh, another audiobook I love is Ready Player One, which is narrated by Wil Wheaton.

        Haha, maybe. I hope you get your desire to read back soon. Being in a reading slump is awful.

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      4. Oh my gosh, but I miss outdated stuff like that! Kids these days just don’t know! I hate that kids have cell phones now. I only had one in 9th grade for marching band purposes! A graphic novel series sounds intriguing too!

        Yes, audiobooks are so slow! Haha! I will have to get that one and listen to it! I can’t believe that I’m getting in to audiobooks now at all. I had so much trouble focusing on them in the past!

        Yes! I want to listen to RPO too! I remember finding that out and was like, YASSSS! Lol

        Thanks my friend! I hope so! I think audiobooks might help me, and I’d also be okay with switching permanently to audiobooks if that’s how things turn out. I just want to get that feeling again, and I know part of it is me being scared that if I allow myself to sit long enough to read a book in one sitting like I used to that it will bring back my lazy ways, so I think audiobooks will help me stay active still.

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      5. Yeah, I didn’t get my cell phone until I turned 16, because my parents didn’t want me driving without a way to get in contact.

        Everyone just tells me to listen to an audiobook on 1.5x or 2x speed, but it just sounds like chipmunks speaking to me. I can’t do it. Which is disappointing. And my work commute is like 10 minutes (sometimes up to 20 with bad road conditions due to weather) so that’s not really enough to get into an audiobook for me. I need like an hour or more to really get into listening. So audiobooks just don’t fit into my life that well, at the moment.

        I hear a lot of people talk about using audiobooks while they do house chores or go for a walk or out to exercise, so I definitely think it can help with staying active. That’s why I like audiobooks, because they are great for multitasking.

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      6. Yep. I think that’s the way it should be, or sooner if sports or school activities take a kid away from home, but certainly not a high tech smart phone with all the bells and whistles like these kids are getting. Jeesh!

        Lol, chipmunks! Yeah, I would need more than 10 minutes to get in to it to.

        I’m thinking I could listen while I do housework for sure. I workout with videos, so definitely not during exercise at the moment, but, I also make myself get so many steps each day to keep moving, so that’s a good time for me too. It was working well with Call the Midwife until the book took the turn it did. I just gotta get my hands on more audiobooks while keeping to our budget at the moment, lol..

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      7. I mean, they have “kid phones” designed so the kid can only contact like a handful of people and stuff. I don’t know where I’m going to fall on the parenting spectrum when it comes to technology, because I don’t have any kiddos yet, so that’ a problem for the future, especially seeing how technology develops these days.

        Umm…does your library allow you to borrow audiobooks? I know I can go to my library’s digital resources and borrow e-books and audiobooks. That’s a very good way to do audiobooks on a budget.

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      8. I like the idea of the “kid phones” but I rarely see them actually used, lol. I don’t have kids either, and probably won’t, because of my diabetes, and because the hubs and I have been talking about traveling and tiny house living, haha! I just get tired of seeing kids with smart phones, or parents giving kids phones and tablets to keep them occupied instead of sending them outdoors to play, or sitting and doing activities with them. And teens and way too much access too social media these days!

        I’ll have to check. Last time I went there it wasn’t very advanced, and they only had one tiny wall shelf for each genre, so maybe there’s a chance they have audiobooks in place of real books?

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      9. That makes sense. Yeah, my fiance and I have talked about possibly taking up a job offer with Colorworld Books to travel the US and work the convention circuit, and it makes me wonder if we could/should try for kiddos if we want to live on the road like that.

        But yeah, I agree with you, I’m tired of people using technology as a babysitter or parent substitute, like handing the kid a phone or tablet instead of actually engaging with the child themselves. It’s frustrating.

        Good luck with the library. I like my digital library options, especially since it’s whatever e-books or audiobooks are available pretty much throughout the entire state of Ohio, which gives me so many more options…though hold lists can get pretty long for some popular titles.

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      10. Right. I think you guys will figure out what’s right for you. Some people do live like that. If the timing is right it will happen. 🙂

        Very frustrating! These kids don’t know how too have fun without screens any more!

        I can’t believe audiobooks and ebooks have long hold lists, lol. Fingers crossed that my library offers them at all.

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      11. Thanks for understanding. There are so many people in my life who just keep pressuring me on the whole having babies soon thing since I’m turning 32 this year, and it’s just so frustrating. And I don’t even know what I want anymore really. I want kids but I also don’t want kids. It’s sort of like if it happens then okay, but if it doesn’t then I’ll also be okay. I mean if I get too old to safely give birth myself, there’s always adoption, which Damian and I have also discussed as an option.

        Yep, and if we had some sort of digital apocalypse now there would be a lot of people who would basically be helpless.

        Well, libraries can only afford to buy so many copies, so it makes sense that there’s still hold lists. I think the longest I saw was a book that had like 20 copies, and the hold list was almost 200 people, so that’s really only 10 people per copy, which overall isn’t bad. Also, fingers crossed that your library offers them.

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      12. I totally understand! I just turned 32 in September, and I think the only reason most people don’t bother me about having kids is because they know I’m a type 1 diabetic, but sometimes I can still feel that expectation when we get around family. Adoption would be our route IF we decide to have kids, but I’m the same way. Most days I am glad we don’t have the extra responsibilities and extra humans to take care of, and some days I still wonder what it would be like if I could safely have a child of my own. People just need to learn that the emphasis should be placed on happiness and financial stability, not extending the family.

        Ha, very true!

        Very true. Just crazy to think that they actually have to purchase separate copies of each e and audio book when it’s digital.

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      13. I think what bothers me the most is the people who are pressuring me to have kids (aside from my mom who just really wants grandkids) are older men, and I just really want to yell at them for thinking that their opinion of what I should do with my body is wanted in any way, shape, or form. I didn’t find my life partner until I was almost 29. We’re still getting used to being a couple, and we’re in the middle of planning our wedding for this fall. And with all of my student loan debt I worry that there won’t ever be a time that we’ll be financially stable enough to raise kids without a struggle.

        Wow…this topic of conversation has definitely deviated from you know, books that have stuck with us.

        The publishers and authors still need their money from each copy sold, regardless of the book format. It would be nice if there was a discount for library copies of digital materials, though. Instead I think right now a lot of places are placing extra limitations on library copies, like after so many times a copy has been borrowed the library would have to buy it again, which seems so incredibly ridiculous to me.

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      14. Yeah, that would bother me too! It is our bodies! And I think you are so awesome for having that in your mind. I wish more people would at least be financially aware before deciding to have unprotected sex or deciding to have kids in general. I know things happen, but more families would be happier and healthier if the parents would have just thought a few more things through first!

        Crazy, right? Lol.

        It would be nice for them to have a discount to get multiple copies. I guess that’s why so many people are fighting for public library funding.

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      15. Thank you. I see so many people who just keep popping out kids because it means a bigger refund at tax time and more government assistance. Like, I know people who don’t work because they get so much money just because of having so many kids. It’s mind boggling, frankly. I can’t have that sort of lifestyle; it just doesn’t work or sound right to me. I think assistance should be there to help you get on your feet, not to enable you to just live off it forever.

        Libraries really do need funding assistance. Another baffling thing to me is listening to so many politicians talk about the importance of education and then they turn around and cut library budgets over and over again. It’s like they don’t think about how connected libraries are to lifelong learning. It especially frustrates me as someone with a Master’s in Library Science, who hasn’t been able to land a library job because so many libraries hire people with lesser degrees so they can pay less, or they put out the call for jobs wanting the Master’s Degree but offering such a low salary that it just doesn’t cover living expenses, let alone the student loan payments. It makes me sad. I just want to work around books. That’s one of the reasons I’m so happy to be part of the online book community. Most days it feels like that’s as close as I’m going to get to properly being a librarian.

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      16. I can’t stand people and situations like that. I saw a lot of that when I worked in an Urgent Care. I completely agree, the assistance should be there to help those who actually need it, and for emergency situations, not to allow people to be lazy.

        Politicians talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. They spout what they think we want to hear and do the exact opposite. My cousin has her degree in library science as well I believe and she works at bye bye baby. You are exactly right. Those with lesser degrees are hired so they can be paid less, and it’s not fair. People want to talk about the importance of education but then we get our degrees and can’t use them, or get hired for less pay than we deserve, or get hired to do the job multiple people should be doing. And this in turn also make less educated people not want to become educated, on top of schools and libraries not having the resources to encourage them to become better educated. It’s a crazy world we live in!

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      17. I have spent the last 7 years, so most of the time since graduating with my Master’s working at a factory that builds clothes dryers. Okay, the plus side is that I can now fix my own dryer whenever it breaks, so that’s cool. But I have wanted to be a librarian since I was a kid. I worked in the school library and volunteered at the local public library in junior high and high school, and then I worked at my university library as well. But I have had several libraries tell me that none of that experience counts for anything, because it was before I went to grad school, and apparently according to them, you don’t decide to become a librarian until you enter grad school. So thank you to all the libraries out there who disregard the fact that as a young girl I just wanted to work in a library like the places that made my childhood absolutely magical.

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      18. Kudos on being able to fix your dryer, haha! Yeah, that sucks about the experience not counting. There are so many things that need to be fixed with the education system. I really do hope you will be able to work as a librarian in the near future! It’s crazy that there are so many messages out there about going after our dreams and working hard because it will pay off, and a lot of times it ends up not being the case. 😦

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      19. I think I’m at the point now where I’m actually content with my blog and all my online book community work, so if I don’t get a library job then it’s their loss. As long as I can afford to buy books and pay for some of my other geeky hobbies then I’m fine. I just…I wish I didn’t have the almost $130,000 of student loan debt hanging over my life. It’s difficult to process big life decisions with the knowledge and weight of that debt blacking out pretty much all feelings of hope for the future.

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      20. Yeah, student loan debt is a heavy weight. I have close to 30,000 and so does my husband. We could be doing so many other things with those monthly payments! It is nice to know we are living comfortably enough to afford hobbies here and there though. It’s a luxury a lot of people don’t have.

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      21. That is also true. I am pretty lucky to be in a position to live relatively comfortably, considering everything. Just a few years ago I thought I was going to end up spending all of my adult life still living at home, and then I met my fiance and things started to come together to create a better overall living style.


  2. Thank you so much for including First Came Forever in this list!!!

    I’m so honored to have my book listed amongst these amazing books! There are so many of the others that have stuck with me too – Lose Me by M.C. Frank, K.M. Shea’s books, Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters, TATBILB to mention a few – and also so many great books I’m now reminded that I really need to read. I will put The Poet X and Gunslinger Girl on top of my TBR right away.

    Thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤

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