Indefinite Hiatus

Apologies to my loyal followers and friends. I should have updated a long time ago. I will be leaving the blog up in case I find the time, and urge, to come back, but I will be putting in place an indefinite hiatus. I decided to make a health/fitness/lifestyle blog over at fitnessmermaidadrienne.wordpress.com, for those who wish to read about my weight loss journey. I wish I could say that the urge to continue reading and blogging about books came back permanently, but it hasn’t. So, for now, I will be focusing on my weight loss maintenance and diabetes, and occasionally blogging on my new blog. I hope many of you will give it a read and a follow, and anyone looking to begin their own journey, or anyone who is currently on their journey, please come by and chat with me there!

health/fitness/lifestyle blog

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