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My name is Adrienne. I am a Cali girl at heart with a punk rock soul and a passion for reading, music, makeup, and wild hair. I enjoy going to concerts and music festivals, playing video games, and watching movies, and I cannot live without books! I have gone from a clarinet major to a Medical Laboratory Technician to a “Stay at Home Housewife”/Book Blogger. I enjoy writing poetry and I have vividly dark dreams almost every night.

I have always had a passion for reading. A good book can transport you to another world. It can be an escape from reality, or a way to relate to something or someone when it seems impossible in real life. “Books were a safe place, a world apart from my own,” (Kiera Cass, The Siren).

As a child, I remember staying up late reading Goosebumps. Since then I have had a love for all things horror. I remember going on adventures with Nancy Drew, and relating to Stacey from The Babysitter’s Club because she was the only other diabetic I knew of at the time.

Stories have a way of transporting us to a fantasy world where we are free to imagine and dream. They allow us to have faith to believe in possible, and impossible, things. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass).

Though many book bloggers already exist in the world, I decided to start my own blog with hopes of sharing my reviews and opinions on the books I read and carrying on interesting conversations about how others read the same books. There are many reasons to read a book and I cannot think of a single reason not to. There are many book bloggers out there with reasons why they do what they do, but I cannot think of a single reason why there shouldn’t be another. We love books. We all dream. We all have vivid imaginations. Lets go on our book adventures together, since its obvious we share a common opinion, “I cannot live without books,” (Thomas Jefferson).


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