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Book Rating System


Did not finish

I did not make it through the book and absolutely did not enjoy any aspect of the story, or was completely turned off by something appalling or undesirable. I will do my best to reasonably explain why I chose to stop reading the book.



I made it through the book, but did not enjoy it or find it enchanting, and would not recommend it.

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I made it through the book and found at least one aspect of the story enjoyable, though not enchanting, and still would not recommend it.

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I made it through the book and found it somewhat enjoyable, and mildly enchanting, and may or may not recommend it.

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I made it through the book, found many enjoyable and enchanting aspects of the story and would certainly recommend it. I may have even lost myself in the world for a moment.

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Well, of course I made it through the book. I lost myself to the world completely and found it utterly enjoyable and enchanting. It is quite possibly on my Top Reads List by now and I would recommend it, hands down!

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