calendar girls

Calendar Girls: Pride (Favorite Book with LGBTQ+ Representation)

Summer is almost here! This year has been flying by! We had loads of fun celebrating Mother's Day last month. We enjoyed celebrating Women's History Month and Black History Month, but now it's time to celebrate Pride! ~Pride: (Favorite Book with LGBTQ+ Representation)~ Runner Ups: I didn't want to go in to any detail with… Continue reading Calendar Girls: Pride (Favorite Book with LGBTQ+ Representation)

YA Book Review

Chasing Nirvana by Ellyn Oaksmith

The Book: Book Title: Chasing Nirvana Book Author: Ellyn Oaksmith Page Count: 208 Publishing Date: November 3rd, 2017 Publisher: Emoticon Publishing Date Read: December 25th, 2017 Synopsis: Everybody thinks Fran Worthy should just step down from the prom queen nomination. After all the nomination was a mean joke because Fran's gay. In 1993 Aberdeen, Washington, faced… Continue reading Chasing Nirvana by Ellyn Oaksmith